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This update is long, long overdue. On July 9th, Frederick, Ren, and I hit the road for Kearney, Nebraska. Hunter had to head back to Hays on the 8th, but would meet us in Kearney. This time, we ended up having nearly no down time in Kearney. In fact, I think we only had one…

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Professional Meteorologist

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been busy busy over the past month and a half. PECAN officially came to a close on July 15th. On my our last mission, we were treated to a little bit of thunder and lightning; however I didn’t do any time lapses. I was sad to say goodbye…

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PECAN: Fixed PISA 5 – Again

My team did end up rotating to Colby, Kansas on June 30th. Just before that, we had a team member swap. Connor was going back to his school’s team, and we gained Hunter in return. We made the drive to Colby, and then had a mission that night. In fact, we had missions every night;…

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Time Lapses and the Last Week of PECAN

The Plains Elevated Convection At Night field project is quickly coming to a close. We are down to the final week of the project now, with operations officially ending on July 15th. The following day I will be driving back to Illinois, picking up the keys to my apartment, meeting with my new boss, and…

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PECAN: Fixed PISA 4, and back to the Mobile Team

After spending a week in Colby, KS, me team rotated to Kearney, Nebraska. I had been to Kearney once before (the night before the tornadoes in Rozel, Kansas back in 2013,) but I didn’t remember very much of it. The hotel we stayed in, the Windgate, was actually very nice. But overall, the week in…

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PECAN: IOP 2, 3, and 4

It’s been a busy few days, and I haven’t had much time to blog. So Tuesday was IOP-2. IOP-2 was a Low Level Jet mission. We were given some coordinates, and sent on our way. The coordinates took us to a little ways northeast of Otisberg, Kansas. On this mission, Abbi, Lucy, Jon and I…

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Monday night was the first mission of PECAN. IOP-1 (Intense Observation Period-1, I believe,) as it was called, started out as a shake down mission, but became an MCS (Mesoscale Convective System,) mission instead. An MCS was forecasted somewhere along the Kansas-Nebraska-Colorado borders, though the exact location was not certain. So, the plan was to…

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First PECAN Blog Posted

Like the title says, I have posted my first blog about PECAN, as well as some pictures. The blog can be found by clicking on the ‘Storm Chase’ button to the upper left, and then clicking on the PECAN entry. Or, you can just click here.

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