Month: April 2015

First Storm Chase, and First Tornado of the Year

Well, my first storm chase of the year was a success. Although if feels good to be batting 1.000 so far this year, it’s important to remember this tornado not only destroyed homes and injured people, but also cost one person their life. This is the first tornado I’ve seen that has killed anyone. Very…

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Storm Chase of April 9th, 2015

Abbi, Adam, and I left Dekalb and went to Rochelle first. From there, we went north for a while, before turning around and heading to Dixon. We stopped briefly at a Taco Bell on the north side of Dixon. While there, we stopped two cells merging out ahead of the mess that was the Davenport…

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First Storm Chase of the Year?

I’ve been watching the severe weather potential for Thursday, and it looks like it could be my first storm chase of the year. There is still plenty of disagreement in the forecast models, but it looks like a midlatitude cyclone may set up in southeastern Iowa, with a warm front stretching across the Illinois-Wisconsin border.…

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