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May 19th, 2013: Large Wedge Tornado

This was the same storm that dropped the Edmond, OK tornado. I caught this brief video near Arcadia, OK I believe. This was a long tracked, powerful tornado that eventually hit the town of Carney, OK. The tornado was rated as an EF-3.


May 19th, 2013: Edmond, OK Tornado.

Caught this EF-1 tornado as it passed through the town of Edmond, OK.


May 18th, 2013: Rozel, KS Tornado #3.

Third of four tornadoes near the town of Rozel, KS. As far as I know, this tornado did stay in an open field and not hit anything.


May 18th, 2013: EF-4 Tornado Near Rozel, KS.

This was the first of four tornadoes dropped by this storm. It was on the ground for around 20 minutes, and moved very slowly. It stayed in an open field for the most part, but did destroy one home.

JuneHail June 14th, 2011: Severe Thunderstorm Pounds Norman, Oklahoma with hail and strong winds.

This storm hit Norman hard, dumping tons of hail and causing damage across the city. There was even caved in roofs on some buildings to the east of us. This video is shot from the patio of my apartment.
May 19th, 2010: A Severe Hail Storm Near Canton, Oklahoma.

After flying north from Lawton in pursuit of developing storms, my cell phone lost its signal. With out cell phone coverage, I had no radar updates. After stopping just south of Canton to watch an approaching storm, it soon became apparent I was in a bad position. After the first hail stone fell, I flew south.

Feb 27th, 2011: A Brief Spin Up in Northern Oklahoma.

Caught the dying circulation of a tornado warned storm that did go on to produce a tornado.

May 23rd, 2011: A Hail Storm and Funnel Cloud in Southwestern Oklahoma.

I was charging at a tornado warned storm, racing to get past the hail core before it overtook me. I still managed to find some decent sized hail. Afterwards, I pulled over and was able to video tape this funnel cloud. Soon afterwards, the storm died off.