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Storm Chase of May 17th, 2017

The morning of this day I was planning on heading to Iowa to chase, as I originally thought the best tornado chances would be near the surface low. Eventually, I decided it was too far to drive during the work week, and decided to stick closer to home. As the day went on, I grew…

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Storm Chase of 28 February, 2017

My first storm chase of 2017. Turned out to be a pretty interesting day. It was the farther north tornadoes have ever been reported in February in Illinois, and had the strongest tornadoes ever reported in February in the Chicago NWS’s county warning area. I stayed at work a little late that day, thinking I…

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June Storms

Went storm chasing yesterday. Saw one confirmed tornado, and one possible one. Head over to the ‘Storm Chase’ section of the website to read my chase log, or just click on the picture below.

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Storm Chase of June 22, 2016

I had been watching this day for about a week, ever since I saw northwest flow setting up over Illinois in the forecast models. Northwest flow gives us a lot of our severe weather. So, the day of the event, I had work during the morning. After I got off work, I stopped by my…

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Storm Chase of May 28, 2016

This was one of the storm chases where I should have just sat in my apartment all day and let the storms come to me. It was a very marginal day, there was a bit of instability, but not much wind shear. Also, the cloud bases were pretty high up as well; which is not…

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What’s new

Not a damn thing, really. I would like to start forecasting for Peoria on a daily basis. I have been working on a page for that, but it is a work in progress.  I did go on my first storm chase of the year back on March 15th. I saw a few wall clouds, and…

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Storm Chase of March 15th, 2016

This was my first storm chase of 2016. I had been watching this event since the week before, and I thought it looked like a pretty good set up. Unlike my last two storm chases in 2015, there was an abundance of instability, as well as a lot of wind shear. The main concerns of…

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Storm Chase of December 23, 2015

December 23rd was another one of those days where I do just about everything right, but mother nature doesn’t cooperate. I had been watching this event since about before it happened. I recognized that the areas to the south were more likely to get tornadoes, but there was also a chance for some in western…

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