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Hurricane Michael upgraded to category 5

Yesterday, the National Hurricane Center announced that it was upgrading Hurricane Michael to a category 5 hurricane. Hurricane Michael, which made landfall near Mexico Beach, Florida on October 10 of last year, was originally rated as a high-end category 4 storm with 155 mph winds. But a post-storm analysis determined that wind speeds were actually…

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This week’s severe weather continues

We are now into day three of this severe weather outbreak. The Storm Prediction Center has given today a Moderate Risk of severe weather, the second highest rating. Damaging wind is the primary concern, although tornadoes and large hail will also be possible. Basically, a fairly strong trough is moving through the eastern CONUS today.…

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Multi-day severe weather event begins today

The next wave of severe weather has arrived. As depicted on the image below, there will be a combination of a shortwave trough and a somewhat cut off low moving through the Midwest this afternoon. The somewhat cut off low, with its forecasted 80+ knot winds, will be providing the most upper level support today.…

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Severe weather over the weekend

This past weekend had the largest severe weather outbreak so far this year. Unfortunately, there were a few fatalities. The severe weather outbreak started on Saturday. The Storm Prediction Center gave the day a Moderate Risk of severe weather; the second highest rating. Overall, it was kind of a messy day. A couple different lines…

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Welcome to the new MMU!

So! I am in the process of updating the website. I have added WordPress to the homepage to make editing things a bit quicker. I may be editing other parts of the website as well. The plan is to turn this website into more of a blog, where I’ll talk about the weather, my travels…

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Artist Point snowshoe

Well, one day I decided I wanted to get into snowshoe camping. So, I bought myself some snowshoes. For my first snowshoe adventure, I decided to hike to an area known as Artist Point; located near Mt. Baker. I actually had to wait a few weeks before I could go on my snowshoe; had to…

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Hello from Washington State!

Hello everyone! It’s been a while! I guess a recap of events is in order. I was living in Peoria, Illinois, and working down in Washington, Illinois. But I applied for, and was hired at, a new job; this one in Bellevue, Washington. I moved from Peoria at the end of June, 2016 to my…

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Storm Chase of May 17th, 2017

The morning of this day I was planning on heading to Iowa to chase, as I originally thought the best tornado chances would be near the surface low. Eventually, I decided it was too far to drive during the work week, and decided to stick closer to home. As the day went on, I grew…

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Storm Chase of 28 February, 2017

My first storm chase of 2017. Turned out to be a pretty interesting day. It was the farther north tornadoes have ever been reported in February in Illinois, and had the strongest tornadoes ever reported in February in the Chicago NWS’s county warning area. I stayed at work a little late that day, thinking I…

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June Storms

Went storm chasing yesterday. Saw one confirmed tornado, and one possible one. Head over to the ‘Storm Chase’ section of the website to read my chase log, or just click on the picture below.

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