Professional Meteorologist

August 28, 2015 Off By Brian

Sorry for the lack of updates. I’ve been busy busy over the past month and a half. PECAN officially came to a close on July 15th. On my our last mission, we were treated to a little bit of thunder and lightning; however I didn’t do any time lapses. I was sad to say goodbye to my team, and to the project as a whole. It was a very fun and interesting chapter in my life.

I drove back to Illinois the following day. I stopped in Peoria to pick up the keys to my new apartment, and stopped by my new job to meet with my boss. Then, I hit the road for Elgin. Over the next few days I packed up most of my stuff, and moved down to Peoria. And then I started my new career on that Monday.

So, now I am a professional meteorologist. I work for a company called The Mobile Weather Team, Inc. Monday through Friday I do agriculture weather forecasts. I also forecast weather for golf events around the world. In addition to weather forecasting, I do a lot of web design as well.

When I started this website five years ago, it was so I combine two of my passions; weather forecasting and graphic design. And now I do that for a living, and I think this website played a big part in making that happen.

Anyway, I will trying to add some more things to this website as time goes on. So check back from time to time.