Officially Ending Daily Forecasts

May 24, 2015 Off By Brian

When I first started this website in Fall of 2010, it was meant to be a way to combine my love of weather and of graphic design. It started out as just a place where I could post daily weather forecasts for Norman, Oklahoma; and then shortly afterwards I included Elgin, Illinois as well.

It used to be that I would wake up and hour early each day to get a forecast done before I went to school. But as school became increasingly more challenging, and my free time became more and more scarce, the daily forecasts became “once every few months” forecasts.

Since I well be leaving for PECAN at the end of this week, and then starting my new career in mid/late July when I get back, I have deciced to officially cease posting any sort of daily forecasts on here.

I still plan to post all my storm chase logs (including PECAN,) on here. And, if there is a particularly interesting weather event, I may blog about it on here. I might also try to reinvent the ‘Elgin Forecast’ page into a regional weather page at some point. But as of right now, the purpose of this website will be to serve as my blog and my chase log/portfolio.