Spring Is Finally Here

March 4, 2014 Off By Brian

Temperatures across northern Illinois (as I write this,) are in the low to mid 40s. More importantly, it’s looking like these temperatures are here to stay; for the most part. Tomorrow the temperatures will dip back down a bit, and Sunday morning could be in the single digits. But by Sunday afternoon, temperatures across the area should be back in the upper 30s, or possibly low 40s.

Next week, high temperatures, according to the GFS, are forecasted to stay between the mid 30s and mid 40s, with Friday possibly reaching 50. Low temperatures for next week should stay within the mid 20s.

Now with all this snow on the ground, it doesn’t quite look like spring time yet. However, a week of above-freezing daytime temperatures should make a pretty decent dent in the snow pack; which will eventually allow for even warmer temperatures.

Do not make the mistake of thinking we are done with snow, however. At least a couple more small snowfalls should be expected; one possibly coming later tonight.