Glimmer of Hope, or Maybe Just a Mirage

February 24, 2014 Off By Brian

Looking at the long range GFS (I know, I know,) there is something that caught my eye.

(Image missing.)

This is the surface temperatures, winds, and MSLP at 276 hours out. Yes, that is super ridiculously far out. Yes, it’ll most likely change. But with the lows position in northern Wisconsin, and northern Illinois sitting in the warm sector with temperatures in the 30s, this could potentially be a freezing rain event. Also, the GFS is some low amounts of instability, it’s possible there could be a little bit of thunder and lightning; which is what really get me semi-excited.

Unfortunately, another low immediately follows this one, but on a more southerly route. So it’s possible we’ll be getting snow with this one.

Again, this is really, really, really, far out still. There’s a pretty decent chance that this whole system will dissapear within the next couple models runs, just like the last one did. In any event, it looks like winter is here to stay for at least the next week or two.